• A crypto analyst said XRP would cross $23 by June this year.
  • The crypto community disagrees, making fun of the analyst’s prediction.
  • Last year, Crypto Bull said XRP would hit $4.7, but it never happened.
  • Lets wait and see who is Right.

A famous crypto analyst with the username Crypto Bull on Twitter asserted that the Ripple blockchain token XRP will cross $23 by June this year based on its historical patterns.

According to the market tracking platform, CoinMarketCap, XRP trades below half a dollar, and its all-time high was $3.80, five years ago. Given that the Ripple coin would have to travel about 6,200% to hit the supposed $23 within the next five months, the crypto community considers Crypto Bull’s prediction far from reality.

Last year, Crypto Bull said XRP would hit $4.7 — however, it never happened. A Twitter user used it to mock the analyst’s current prediction of “$23 by June.”

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