What is the XRP BuyBack Proposal? A Scam ?

In 2021, Jimmy Vallee of the Valhill Capital presented a proposal suggesting that XRP should become the world’s reserve currency. Vallee argued that the international financial system needs a versatile digital asset to tackle the problem of high national debt, and that for this to occur, governments would have to acquire a substantial number of XRPs from retail buyers.

In a recent interview, Vallee hinted that the XRP buyback could be a possibility if the SEC lawsuit against Ripple turns out in their favor.

Ripple CTO Clarifies the Air about the XRP BuyBack Proposal

Recently Ripple CTO David Schwartz responded to the query from a XRP community member about what the executives think of XRP buyback proposal. Schwartz responded that though he has not looked at it closely, it does seem like a scam to him. Schwartz stated that what the community should learn from 2012 and 2022 is that if somebody is promising high returns with low risk he is probably going to rob you. 100% i agree

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