Ripple sends 395 million XRP; where to? Whale Alert published the details of two transactions, which moved 189,000,000 XRP and 205,500,000 XRP worth $75,552,320 and $81,762,093, respectively. Bithomp XRP-focused analytics platforms indicated that the wallets tagged by the above-mentioned tracker as “unknown” are linked to Ripple, so both transfers were made by the DLT crypto

Crypto Giant Binance Halts USD Bank Transfers

It was not immediately clear why the cryptocurrency giant suddenly halted USD bank transfers. However, it stressed that it was working hard to restart the service.  Binance downplayed the significance of the move, pointing to the fact that only a minuscule 0.01% of its active users actually use U.S. dollar bank transfers. The suspicion only applies to the exchange’s non-U.S. customers who transfer their funds to or from bank accounts in greenbacks. 

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