The theory is based on the belief that XRP will become the world’s reserve currency when government debt skyrockets worldwide and all banks switch to ISO 20022 and use XRP to conduct cross-border monetary transactions. This would mean that governments around the world would have to buy large amounts of XRP.

According to Vallee, this would create the need for a buyback, as XRP purchases by governments could not take place in secondary markets. In addition, the Valhil Capital executive also points to the need for a Bretton Woods-like case in this context, in which XRP the IMF deems the token an eSDR (Special Drawing Right) and XRP holders must sell their tokens to the government at a fixed price, just like gold.

Vallee, Valhil Capital and a confidential committee would be basically in charge of informing the best possible outcome in that situation. Remarkably, Vallee estimates the price at $50,000 per XRP. This price and theory inherently makes for heated discussion. And Ripple CTO David Schwartz has also taken notice

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