• Ripple price sees the floor underpinned at $0.6265 for two technical reasons.
  • XRP price set to bounce back firmly as dollar backs off. 
  • Expect, with tail risks being paused, to see a sharp move up over the weekend to $0.7850.

Ripple (XRP) price could not recover from the massive drop on Monday and Tuesday. XRP price is currently looking for support at $0.6264, where it could easily fall to, as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is flatlining and trading in the oversold area. This limits further downside momentum for bears and will trigger a pullback to reset the RSI back to more balanced levels, resulting in XRP price popping 15% and hitting the 55-day Simple Moving Average (SMA).

XRP price set to use paused tail risks with an eased dollar to regain some ground

Ripple price is set to pop higher over the weekend as, during the trading week, too many tail risks and noise in global markets make it almost impossible for bulls to recover from the incurred setback on Monday and Tuesday. With that move, XRP price is seeking support again at $0.6264, a historic pivotal level playing its role for the third time since March. With the RSI in the oversold area, it looks like the party is over for bears for now, and XRP price will see profit-taking from that side, with buy-side volume picking up. 

XRP price will jump higher, with the first stop towards $0.73, which could come as the dollar weakens, a factor that should pull XRP price up even if bulls are not buying massively.. Some tail risk are also  set to come from earnings in the US this week, which will die down during Saturday and Sunday. Investors will get accustomed to the current similar story from several earnings reports, time to look beyond the current situation and see the silver lining, which could stem investors in a good mood by Monday opening, creating another jump in XRP price to $0.7850.

XRP/USD daily chart

XRP/USD daily chart

Some tail risks could reemerge from the geopolitical corner, as Russia has restarted bombing Kyiv. With that, more military actions could be set to unfold, and certainly now that Moldovia is reporting escalating violence in yet another breakaway region that is proclaiming to join Russia and seeks help from Russia. Any further escalation or use of more unconventional weapons could drop below $0.60 to $0.5852, a historic pivotal level, and the monthly S2 just above.