With the presiding judge Sarah Netburn denying the request of the SEC to keep some particular documents privileged, payment behemoth Ripple is inching closer to a victory in the SEC vs. Ripple case. Lawyers of Ripple have accessed emails and documents tied to former SEC director William Hinman, which paint a rather bullish picture for investors in XRP. Accordingly, this is one of the key drivers of the recent surge in XRP earlier this year.

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While many in the market are excited about what could be a positive outcome, the reality is that this case appears to still have legs. The SEC generally doesn’t bring cases to the court it doesn’t think it can win. And while the defense has certainly made some interesting facts public, it’s clear investors aren’t so sure of the outcome.

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That said, recent weeks have proven to be more positive than negative for investors on this front. This reality has led to a more bullish take by the market on XRP overall.