Ripple has a strong case. The problem is, the weak Ripple lawyers. In spite of all these obvious corruptions at the SEC, still, Ripple is not able to close the lawsuit.

Criminals at the SEC now have the upper hand in criminal cases and Jail time.

XRP: “LIST OF DEMANDS” To SEC From Ripple Execs

Nonprofit organization Empower Oversight has made public Securities Exchange Commission emails detailing improper conduct by the agency’s officials concerning the Ripple (XRP) lawsuit. 

In a statement, the organization stated that the emails indicate that former SEC official William Hinman was cautioned about a conflict of interest with his old firm Simpson Thacher. 

Empower Oversight filed for the release of the emails, stating that it could prove the SEC was selectively enforcing laws for the crypto sector. The organization argued that there is a possibility that the SEC was promoting some cryptocurrencies over others.

Hinman reportedly continued engaging with the New York-based law firm despite the concerns. Among the high-profile engagements, Hinman met the law firm’s other partner Josh Bonnie in the wake of the warning alongside the co-founders and investors in Ethereum.

XRP: “LIST OF DEMANDS” To SEC From Ripple Execs

Criminals in the SEC