1. “If Ripple the company shut down tomorrow, the XRP ledger would continue to operate. It’s open-source, decentralized technology that exists independent of Ripple.” 2. “The people buying XRP, they don’t think they’re buying shares of Ripple. There’s a company called Ripple, we are a private company, we have investors… but buying XRP doesn’t give you ownership of Ripple, it doesn’t give you access to dividends or profits that come from Ripple.” 3. “XRP is solving a problem. There’s no utility in a security.”

Brad Garlinghouse 3 Reasons XRP is NOT a SECURITY
Join the 65.000 XRP Holders taking the SEC TO COURT.

Criminal Damages we want and Compensation

Here’s How You Can Join John Deaton’s Class Action XRP/SEC Lawsuit!

66,000 people (and counting) think so and they’ve joined a Class Action lawsuit filed by attorney John Deaton.

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