Why disclosure of Estabrook Notes is essential?

These notes are termed because the abstract of the assembly between Ripple CEO and SEC commissioner earlier than the company filed a lawsuit towards the alleged safety facet of the XRP token.

Nonetheless, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse in a current interview with FOX information mentioned, quote

“We had been within the SEC’s workplaces, I met with chairman Clayton I used to be assembly with commissioners. Nobody ever as soon as mentioned hey we expect XRP is a safety and sure they appear backward and say now we expect it’s all safety that’s a tough argument.”

Ripple and XRP attorneys are very positive about these notes as Garlinghouse was himself current there on the assembly. Brad and SEC each know in regards to the influence of ‘Estabrook Notes’  in XRP Vs SEC case in the event that they get disclosed.

SEC ought to be taught to story losses every now and then”

The fact that the Fair Notice defense is solidly in play now will mean that Ripple will have access to documents in order to prove this…. these key docs fall right into this area and I would see it highly unlikely that this latest motion of SEC will meet with success.

Will SEC reveal Estabrook Notes?

The lawsuit has lasted for greater than a yr and the proof revealed has solely helped the crypto neighborhood filter their confusions. In the meantime, John Deaton, the legal professional representing XRP holders within the case, has predicted a number of the doable outcomes dropping this or subsequent week. He believes that ‘Estabrook Be aware’ shall be turned over within the court docket.


Jeremy Hogan, Partner at the Hogan & Hogan law firm, commented on the filing and concluded that even if the SEC wins this motion, it won’t be able to deny what actually took place in the meeting.

“Let’s step back from the motion and think like a trial lawyer. At trial, Garlinghouse testifies about the meeting with Roisman. There’s absolutely no indication that Roisman or Eastbrook are disputing what was said (otherwise the SEC would gladly produce the notes).

“If Roisman or Eastbrook go turncoat, they could testify that Garlinghouse lied about his testimony… and what happens then? That’s right, Ripple gets to impeach the heck out of them with the EASTBROOK NOTES, which lose DPP privilege the moment they talk about the meeting.”

“Which means that the SEC has no evidence at all about the meeting but can only argue that Garlinghouse’s testimony is “self serving” and… all testimony is self serving. That’s very x2 weak sauce. By which I mean to say, whatever the Judge rules, the SEC is already dead [in the water]”.

“The SEC is dead on the fact that Garlinghouse left that meeting feeling that he and Ripple weren’t doing anything wrong. That’s of course only part of the battle here”.

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