• The Ripple community of holders and investors are awaiting Judge Sarah Netburn’s verdict on the SEC vs Ripple case. 
  • A source close to the SEC believes that the regulator is less likely to achieve its desired outcome. 
  • Analysts have evaluated the XRP price trend and predicted an uptrend. 

The XRP community of investors believe that the defendant is closer to a win in the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit. The altcoin’s price has climbed in response to the bullish narrative, while investors await a verdict by Judge Sarah Netburn. 

Payment giant closer to wining in the SEC vs Ripple case

The XRP community is awaiting a verdict from Judge Sarah Netburn on the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit. Though there is no tentative timeframe for the ruling, proponents believe the case has drawn to a decisive conclusion and the payments giant could win.

I would never have watched this video when it first came out, but now that events are getting serious, I am so thankful I found this because now it makes sense why things are happening the way they are, and where we are headed, and it scares me because I feel there’s nothing I personally can do about it.

so wish this man had more influence on the American government. This was very worth watching. He is an exceptionally talented lecturer.

It is very interesting to watch in 2022, knowing how events played out.