• Ripple’s lawyers are working on a strategy to fight the SEC’s tactics that delay the lawsuit against the payment giant. 
  • Ripple’s team argues that the SEC’s public enforcement actions on cryptocurrencies, filed before the lawsuit, should not be considered

Atty John Deaton said the SEC vs Ripple Case was “dead on arrival” during a conversation with DAI!

I said this at the beginning … the SEC filed this case as a “delaying action.”

They all have one thing in Coman for Sure Money lenders

How about the SEC over charging Brad and Chris. Im not an attorney however seems like could be serious matter against SEC.

Based on the latest SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit developments, proponents believe that the regulator is employing delay tactics. Ripple’s team of lawyers oppose the SEC’s inappropriate request. 

SEC deploys delay tactics in lawsuit against Ripple

The lawsuit against payments giant Ripple has raised concerns among XRP holders. The US regulatory watchdog has filed a ‘Sur-Sur-Reply’ on February 23, 2022, regarding a motion to strike a Fair notice defense. 

Nothing changes in 2000 Years

Proponents have reviewed the new update on the lawsuit against the payments giant Ripple and believe that the regulator is employing delay tactics. Ripple’s team of lawyers believe that the SEC is misleading the characterization of its prior enforcement actions on cryptocurrencies. 

On February 10, 2022, Ripple’s team of lawyers filed a Sur-Reply on the SEC’s motion to strike the Fair Notice Affirmative Defense. The payments giant’s objective is to oppose the regulator’s inappropriate request for judicial notice. 

Ripple’s response to the SEC’s actions strikes an affirmative defense alleging Ripple’s unregistered offers and sale of digital assets, not amounting to fraud. 

James Filan, a defense lawyer, and Ripple proponent, recently tweeted about Ripple’s response to the SEC’s update on the lawsuit. 

They should be in Jail for Sure

Ripple’s team of lawyers filed a response to the SEC’s update within hours. The filing was expected to delay the outcome of the SEC vs. Ripple case; however, the regulator attempted to introduce new material and an argument based on a pre-decided case. 

Proponents note that a trial would have offered a different outcome to the SEC vs. LBRY case. 

FXStreet analysts believe XRP has developed a bullish continuation pattern before the breakout

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Fox News recently covered Deaton’s lawsuit in their “Opus” report on the XRP saga.

XRP price bounced more than 15% from the Thursday sell-off, buy still down for the week

XRP price is poised to close the week between 4% and 6% down from the open but still within the range of the prior week’s open. Ripple opened last week at $0.76, and it may close this week near $0.75 – a strong psychological level. All in all, relatively unchanged.

The path to bullish conditions and a bullish breakout remains challenging for XRP price. To confirm a bullish breakout within the Ichimoku system, bulls would need to push XRP to a close above all of these resistance levels:

  1. The weekly Kijun-Sen at $0.98.
  2. The extended 2021 Volume Point Of Control at $1.05
  3. Senkou Span B at $1.08.
  4. Senkou Span A at $1.14.