The XRP Vs SEC lawsuit continues to take dramatic turns. Ripple has filed a motion to compel the SEC to hand over notes taken at a meeting between its CEO and a former SEC commissioner. However, SEC has objected to the motion, invoking deliberative process privilege (DPP

SEC continues punting on Ripple

Ripple’s motion, filed on February 10th with Judge Sarah Netburn, seeks to have the SEC turn over notes taken during a 2018 meeting between Brad Garlinghouse and former SEC commissioner Elad Roisman.

In the motion, Ripple stated that the new document was revealed to be in the custody of the SEC one week after the court ruled on documents the SEC had to turn over. However, SEC has proceeded to add the document as one of those it is exempt from turning over.

The SEC should be in Court no Ripple

Ripple argued that the SEC could not do this for several reasons. The motion noted that the meeting was between the SEC and a third party and so could not be called an internal document or one with attorney/client privilege.

It also added that the SEC had previously admitted that the meeting was in no way related to an investigation of Ripple.

The meeting was between the SEC and Mr. Garlinghouse, a third party who would break any attorney/client privilege. And the SEC has conceded as it must that this meeting was not about any potential investigation of Ripple, the motion said.

Controversies in Ripple Lawsuit Continues

Community members have dug up why the SEC may be reluctant to turn over the document. According to a tweet by XRP supporter “WKahneman,” Brad Garlinghouse’s recollection of the meeting shows that the SEC commissioner told him that XRP was not a security.

XRP Seen To Regain Solid Grounds

XRP is now overtaking Cardano and Solana in market cap. The price of XRP is seen to return to the $1 mark over the next few weeks,

Ripple Getting Bullish, Positive Trends Point To A Solid Year For XRP
Ripple Getting Bullish, Positive Trends Point To A Solid Year For XRP