William Hinman made $15 Million while working with the SEC

We the people demand a full investigation of the former US SEC official William Hinman & Jay Clayton who has involved in the past while in office, gave clarity to a crypto project ETH and claimed it was his own personal opinion, while they filed a lawsuit on December 22nd, 2020 vs. Ripple lab, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen for selling unregistered security. We the people also demand current US SEC Chairman Gary Gensler to step down in his position since he is not doing a good job as protecting Investors as he has vowed to Protect. The US SEC lawsuit vs. Ripple has crashed the XRP Market in $15 Billion Dollars and caused pain and suffering to Million of Investors Worldwide, so therefore we demand justice for the people…

What about the $15 Million he received as well

As an SEC official Mr. Hinman and Mr. Clayton has conflict of interest for their personal gain while they picked the winner and loser in the Cryptos market. We the people demand justice and fairness for all…

William Hinman & Jay Clayton who has involved in ?