XRP price action has the best-looking bullish breakout compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum. This bullish bias is because the entry off the Pole Pattern breaks the current bear market angle and converts XRP into a bull market.

The possible long entry is a buy stop order at $0.80, a stop loss at $0.76, and a profit target at $0.98. Because this entry is based on a Pole Pattern reversal, XRP can move lower. If XRP does move lower, then the entry and the 4-box stop follow in tandem – but the profit target remains at $0.98.

Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, XRP’s possible long trade setup is a 4.5:1 reward/risk but with a 23% implied gain. As a result, $0.98 may be too conservative, especially given how long XRP has spent wallowing in flat to negative price action compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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