107 Other countries in the world don’t see XRP as a security

US Congress Mentions XRP and Ripple During Tech Discussion

The US Congress had a hearing about non-cash payment technologies. During the discussion, Tom Emmer, the Chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, mentioned Ripple (XRP) among several other cryptocurrencies.

The fact they are openly mentioning XRP is milestone!

Good stuff, these are the conversations that need to be had publicly. Glad to see politicians actually seeing some of the potential value here. The first two speakers did not seem knowledgeable on the subject, but the last speaker from PayPal had some knowledge. Cash is cumbersome in some senses, and digital currency will lessen the costs, and lost time of using cash

The fact they are openly mentioning XRP is a milestone!
107 Other normal Countries don’t see XRP as a security

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