What it is important to understand is the fact Ripple has ex SEC employees working for them. Ripple can take this all the way because THEY KNOW WHAT WAS SAID AND DEBATED! This is why they can be so confident! SEC can’t afford to let it out so an 11th-hour settlement is the most likely outcome! It isn’t perfect timing, instead, the whole of Crypto is waiting for this decision. What will not be allowed to happen is for XRP to have an advantage over almost every other coin. New regulations and clarity will come in before settlement to help level the field. Existing networks which pass the ‘decentralized’ test will be grandfathered in and outline regulations for ICOs etc will allow US participation finally. With the green light has now given institutional investment and speculation on ‘utility’ coins will ignite the bull run to end all bull runs. A full investigation into the SEC and insider dealings with the ETH free pass will be conducted. There will be one or two ‘fall guys’, matter closed, move on!

MAKE OR BREAK” Ruling For Ripple

It doesn’t matter what the SEC says. Even if they order ripple to shut down XRP that’s impossible because it’s decentralized it’s already too late

CEO COINBASE Confirmed XRP NEXT BITCOIN – $60000 OVERNIGHT! (Xrp News Today)

I struggle every month to purchase XRP I know I am supposed to a little sacrifice now for a huge payoff later… Thanks for sharing with me all of this great information… Be strong and wait for the moon!!!