Of course, it can the question is, will it? Full disclosure, I am invested in Ripple more so than Bitcoin personally. Bitcoin carries large transaction fees and very slow transfer rates compared with other currencies such as Ripple. Buying Ripple may require some homework as it is not as straightforward to buy, at least in my experience.

It has great potential but remember by buying into XRP token, you aren’t buying into Ripple – the company and there is a big difference between the two. Banks aren’t required to use XRP tokens to facilitate Ripple transactions. Having said that, if Ripple can twist the arms of the banks and get them to use XRP, then we could have an absolute monster on our hands.

I am invested in to Ripple (XRP).

No, there are many reasons, but most of all it is more centralized around the parent company, and they are trying to be the banks crypto, however, likely the adoption will not occur to a large level. Also every time there is a decent price, the parent company dumps on everyone. There is a bloated top side that is costly to maintain. However, there is room for many versions of crypto in the future, and no doubt xrp will be one of them. The answer I am afraid is NO. Ripple may succeed in replacing SWIFT,

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