Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, has confirmed that his company is already underway with plans to integrate crypto payments into its platform.

Chesky, on Monday, threw open a suggestion poll on Twitter to find out what areas of service esteemed Twitter users and customers of the peer-to-peer rental giant would like the company to improve. The results reveal thousands of valid suggestions,

Airbnb Crypto Payment Plans — Odds-On  XRP,
Airbnb Crypto Payment Plans — Odds-On XRP,
  1. Adoption and integration of crypto payments
  2. Clear pricing displays
  1. Effective visitor loyalty program
  2. Updated cleaning fees
  3. Longer stay plans and improved discounts 
  4. Satisfactory customer service
  5. Commercial co-working spaces (kitchens, recording studios, tech hubs).

The outcome of the poll will mark the umpteenth time Chesky is confronted with a barrage of requests for crypto payment options. Back in November, a cheeky Chesky had disclosed to Fox business that the company has received a lot of messages requesting crypto integration before the turn of the new decade.

Elon Musk is a well-known crypto influencer. His tweets and involvement in cryptocurrencies have sent their prices to the moon and sometimes to the dump. Musk has been seen tweeting about dogecoin bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. His tweets about XRP are not mostly direct, rather he tweets in some encrypted way. In today’s video, we are going to decipher two of his recent tweets about XRP using Gematria. If you are hearing the word Gematria for the first time, then let me explain it to you. According to an online article, in Hebrew, every letter is given a numerical value and those values can be added up to achieve the numerical value of a word. While some might think that this is a system of drawing arbitrary connections, practitioners of gematria believe there to be an intentional context to the sounds of the vowels and consonants that we use in language with an interconnected mathematical meaning. If you speak with someone who studies numerology, they will tell you that numbers and words have an uncanny relationship. They’ll tell you that letters and words have a numerical value and weight that is implied of deeper meaning, and that these numerical values and weights connect other words of similar weight. For hundreds of years, this concept has been given credence and studied in relation to biblical texts. This study is known as gematria by Kabbalist Jewish scholars, who think that the Torah contains a hidden code that contains clues to current and future events. Now let’s take a look at Musk’s tweet. On 21st December, Musk asked his Twitter followers, ‘Has anyone seen web3? I can’t find it.’ If we put this in the Gematria calculator then what we saw is really surprising. The results showed XRP pegged to gold. This is really huge for the coin and not only gold we are going to see way more than gold. There is also another tweet from 19th December. It says, traceroute woke_mind_virus. Apparently, it does not mean anything and the people in the comments are also asking about what it is. So if we put this woke_mind_virus in gematria, the results again are in the favour of this unique altcoin. We can see XRP to the moon in this long list of results.