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Congress writes the laws that regulators (like the SEC) have to follow. It has never been more important for digital asset holders in the U.S. to make themselves heard.

XRP Army – A Passionate Community – John Deaton – Connect to Congress – JP Morgan / SEC Corruption

Use this easy tool to 1) identify your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators, and 2) share your story and your concerns with them.

NOTE: This tool uses your name and address to match you with your Members of Congress (MOCs) and offers to facilitate an easy way to send your messages to them. If you’d rather just identify your MOCs with this tool and then message them separately, please do. We’re just trying to offer you an easy option. We greatly value your privacy and are only interested in helping digital asset holders in the U.S. to have a voice.

Connect to Congress is working. Make your voices heard.

Connect to Congress with John Deaton
Connect to Congress with John Deaton

So glad to have you and the XRP army! They ruined my 70-year-old father’s retirement. I convinced him to transfer his traditional investments into XRP ( last year) I told him how great the XRP content creators were and how I learned so much from watching them throughout the years. XRP is the greatest digital asset and has the most utility.. I felt awful to watch him lose a large amount of money in his 70’s. I cannot believe we have people in our government who would rather nefariously line their own pockets as they destroy the lives of others. I hope they will have to answer to their behavior as any other red-blooded American would have to if they were caught lying manipulating the market and accepting bribes.

I’ve been a huge believer in XRP. I will probably never sell my XRP , even if it dropped to $0.10 cents. Been weighing different scenarios on how all this might not turn out the way we think. Even with ripple winning it’s the case against the SEC. if the BANKS use a PRIVATE ledger to move money around globally, using XRP. What’s stopping them from creating an additional token for this private ledger. Only a few things make sense to me. They get ALL XRP out of the hands of retail for bank use ONLY. Or they create an XRP2 or some type of token that runs on the private ledger for the banks to use. I just don’t see them letting retail investors hold this coin. While banks worldwide use it on a private ledger. How would we use it? How will we sell it? So much that has to go in our favor still

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