XRP should be at $200 – $500 billion right now. SEC can go to hell

Judge rules in Ripples favor,SEC settles and to save face hints at BC and ETH which drives investors to sell to save their profits and run to XRP driving up the value. Yes I know I’m dreaming but it would be nice.

If the SEC win every Crypto will be under attack.

2 Questions:- What if this SEC V Ripple goes to Trial? Wouldn’t this drag it out for several more years ? From what I can see, the SEC is quite prepared to play the long game & go into extra time, even knowing they probably won’t win

This is 1 of the best videos on the current situation thats been put on the tube , Thank you John Deaton and Paul , what a great insight , just subbed to your channel as well

What Happens if the SEC throw in the Towel