A brief technical and on-chain analysis on XRP price. Here, FXStreet’s analysts evaluate where Ripple could be heading next as it seems bound for an upswing.

XRP is not going anywhere. $3.50? No way. Not going to happen. Here is what happens to XRP. It’s stays in the .60 cent range until the 4th quarter of 2021 and once first quarter of 2022 hits we will see a drop down to .40 Of course all the youtube boys will say “Buy the dip!” In actuality most of them only have less then 25k worth of XRP in their portfolio anyway. But then they will say “It’s nobody’s business to know how much crypto you hold” Yeap heard it before, “Not financial advice” as they pump whoever is paying them to shill something. Nobody has been right in their TA on XRP. But hey sell all your XRP if you don’t believe in it. Another deflection to an asset that could not even return to ATH this year or the previous 3+ years. Could I be wrong? Oh yeah I could but rarely I am wrong. I call it like I see it and all I see is a down bear market and if this Recession blows up the stock market we will all be eating Beenie Weenies and Ramen noodles. But hey, BUY THE DIP BRO! The SEC has messed up XRP’s value and the Judge knows the case is bogus and the SEC knows it doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but hey we live in a world of pliable laws and they only apply to the little people while the people on top are enjoying themselves. The only way XRP reaches $3.50 and above is when this SEC case is dismissed and no matter what any former SEC chariman or lawyers say in youtube videos it means nothing except hopium. “Case Dismissed” is all I want to hear everything else is bullshit. Think they will print that in FXStreet Team?