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Examples of Contracted Demand in a sentence Overdrawal Penalty: If the Recorded Demand is higher than the Contracted Demand in a month, then fixed charge based on Contracted Demand shall be levied at three times the normal rate for the portion of demand exceeding the Contracted Demand. Billable Demand: Billing demand shall be 100% of Contracted Demand or Recorded Demand, whichever is higher. HT consumers, seeking to avail supply on common feeders shall be: For Total Contracted Demand with the Licensee and all other sources. All Commercial Operation Milestone Dates and the corresponding amounts of Contracted Demand Reduction shall be incorporated into the Contract and a failure on the part of a Supplier to achieve Commercial Operation by the stated Commercial Operation Milestone Dates will result in default and may be subject to certain financial consequences under the terms of the Contract. The ultimate Contracted Demand Reduction for a Project, being the amount of Contracted Demand Reduction specified in a Proposal as of the last Commercial Operation Milestone Date, shall be the maximum Contracted Demand Reduction (the “Maximum Contracted Demand Reduction”) and once Commercial Operation for the Maximum Contracted Demand Reduction has been achieved it shall be the amount of Contracted Demand Reduction that shall apply for the balance of the Term.