Wonder when sec will come after jpm coin for being a security, never it wouldn’t surprise me if jpm set this entire law suite up to try and better there technology to keep up with ripple.

JPM coin !!! Nope it wont I don’t Trust them 1%

Ripple/XRP-R3/Corda Developer Reveals XLM and XRP Are The New Financial System

I once lost a house because I couldn’t get the check cleared in time for my “good faith” deposit. I would literally be living in another state right now had that gone forward. Hind sight I’m glad it didn’t work out but that’s just a small example from a nobody of a human being of why this implementation of crypto is in fact needed

Prepare For The Worst (PRICE CRASH)!? Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investor WARNING! 2021 Market Outlook

JPM COIN WILL REPLACE XRP…? No Chance what so ever