In today’s Legal Briefs, attorney Jeremy Hogan discusses the SEC versus Ripple lawsuit, the extension of the discovery deadlines and what that means as far as settlement or resolution of the case, the new pleadings including the Sur-Reply, and what you should be focusing on.

Imagine running a marathon and you’re far ahead. Then someone trips you just a few feet away from the finish line and your competition passes you. Be the rock my ass. Ripple is done if this gets to 2022. The world wont wait. That is the reality. Jeremy even admitted that time is an excellent strategy to kill the opposition. Ripple will moon whether it is embraced by the USA or….. CHINA.

I’d say, for all you xrp holders ( including myself) just hodl you xrp, focus on building other crypto bags and enjoy life. Things will happen when you least expect it. Why should there be a settlement when the win trophy is in sight? Wouldn’t a win lead to a much greater response in the markets?