The over-the-counter branch of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has announced adding support of XRP. XRP trading

Ripple Releases 100 Million XRP, Here’s Why It May Be Sent to Huobi

Ripple helps transfer 102.5 million XRPRipple has again sent 7,580,000 XRP from its RL18-VN wallet to the largest China-based crypto exchange, Huobi. The same amount of XRP was sent by the DLT giant to Huobi last week for several consecutive days. Huobi has also wired 15 million XRP to the trading giant Binance.

Ripple is even looking at London Moving out of America is a great Idea.

With Russia removing USD from it’s wealth fund, Biden driving 9 Trillion to 28 Trillion, and the printing frenzy of the USD… It almost seems like the SEC is also part of this push to dethrone the US in making CHINA the new superpower. Sounds weird huh?

Most people think…. Investing in crypto is all about buying coins then leaving it to rise, 🙅 come on it takes much analysis to be a successful crypto trader

Ripple CTO: Amazon Could “DEFINITELY” Use XRP Ledger

Millions of XRP Moved to China every day

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