This entire mess can be avoided is Flare would just drop the entire amount of FLR at once. The reasoning for the successive air drops is said to avoid people dumping large amount of FLR into the market, there by causing the price to badly drop. Well, with these serious tax liabilities due to successive airdrops, that is exactly what most people will end up doing anyway. Most people will have to sell off a large part of their airdrop to pay the taxes.

please get him back and ask him more on form 8938…. that part is confusing. When he says we have to file it if we get more than $50k in value… does that $50k refer to the income we receive in airdrop, or does the $50k value also include unrealized gains.. for example if you get $40k dollars worth of spark in one year and in that same year the value of your spark goes up on its own do to market vitality and goes up over $50k in value… does that require from 8938??

Someone should make a wallet that is linked to the irs you transfer your spark into then it automatically takes the taxes out and sends them to the irs with the forms this would be a separate tax filing event from your ordinary taxes hell even the irs could make such app to make this alot easier