Once again outfuckingstanding! 🙂

The XRP coin if it wins the trial price will likely stabilize following the dollar due to most of the cooperation with banks

XRP is designed to overtake bitcoin. The reason, is with it talking 100 years until all the bitcoin is mined for bitcoin to finally reach it’s max price. Meanwhile, all the xrp are premined, so XRP we don’t have to wait for 100 years to reach max supply. Thus xrp will reach maximum price before bitcoin can even be mined. XRP is first out the gate in the crypto race. And, XRP is faster then the other crypto’s. So I am not saying bitcoin is not valuable, for it honestly is, what is a bitcoin, bitcoin is no different then a master piece painting, to create a painting one must have a paint and a canvas. then the art is produced. With bitcoin to mine a bitcoin (paining) one must have a computer (paint) and a graphics card (the canvas), the bitcoin is the art produced (the painting). Do the humans value “art”, of course, art is very expensive. So therefore bitcoin is also honestly valuable. but, it will take 100 years for bitcoin to reach it’s real fullest potential price. With XRP we can reach the moon much faster! XRP is physically 100 years ahead of bitcoin