The judges need to be made aware of this. I wonder if Gensler is keeping this lawsuit going to benefit Algorand because of his MIT connections.

Ethereum was officially announced by Vitalik during the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami in January 2014.
The ICO opened on 20 July and closed on 2 September 2014, the total duration was 42 days. The only way to participate was to pay in bitcoin.

An interesting mechanism was created in these 42 days: the first days each bitcoin allowed to receive 2,000 Ether and then gradually the number of Ether that could be bought with a bitcoin decreased to 1,337. With this system the ICO obtained the sale of almost 60,000,000 tokens.

Thanks to the ICO, Ethereum managed to collect 31,529 bitcoins worth $18.4 million. A curious anecdote is that there was no minimum or maximum collection limit set, yet this is the sixth largest fundraising project of all time. In fact, it also seems that the company’s development team lost most of its revenue due to fluctuations in the price of bitcoin, since the funding was done in BTC

There is something seriously corrupt about the SEC Ripple case. Thanks for the update as usual